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Jewellery And Watch Repairs

Your precious jewellery deserves a long life. When you require jewellery or watch repair, take it to someone you can trust will handle it with the care it requires. Our master goldsmiths are skilled craftsmen renowned for their dedicated excellence in workmanship. Jewellery repairs of all types are welcome at our one stop, full service workshop.

Quality Repairs for Your Precious Jewelry

At Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers, we appreciate just how important your jewellery is. When an item breaks, doesn’t fit, loses a gemstone or just doesn’t sparkle like it used to, come and see us for quality jewellery repair near you in Toronto.

We will inspect your jewellery free of charge and offer our professional recommendation on how to best restore it to its original beauty. Many times our trained eye will detect a potential problem that can save you the stress and cost of an expensive repair or insurance claim.

Jewellery Repair Services We Offer

Our jewellery repair services are dedicated to ensuring you not only take a piece of jewellery home that you love, but you enjoy that piece for as long as possible.


Occasionally jewellery will suffer a break. Not to worry most can be soldered back together with little or no effect on appearance at all.

Free Cleaning

Let your jewels step into our jewellery spa for a refreshing dip and steam revitalization that will restore the brilliance of your jewellery.

Thin Shank

Wear and tear may cause your ring to bend or become out of round. Have a new half shank put on your ring for ease of wear and additional strength.

Stone Tightening

Do you hear a rattle or think your stone is moving? Have it secured immediately before it goes missing altogether as sometimes a little leeway is all that is necessary for one to escape.

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Over time your necklace or bracelet may either break, have the gap between each bead expand or have the material discolour. Restringing the item will solve all of the above issues and enhance its look.

Watch Repairs

We handle all makes of watches and most general watch repairs are done on-site. If the watch requires some detailed work to restore it to proper working condition, an estimate will be provided first.

Ring Sizing

Do you have a ring that just doesn’t fit right anymore? We will assess the correct size you require and adjust your gold, silver or platinum mount to that “perfect” comfortable fit once more with our ring sizing service in Toronto.

Polishing & Plating

Allow our goldsmiths to remove surface nicks and scratches to your worn articles, the difference will make old, new again. Re-applying rhodium finish where needed is critical to brightening up the piece once again.

Jewellery Engraving

Personalize or immortalize your item with a name, date or saying, never to be forgotten.

Diamond or Stone Replacement

If your gemstone has gone missing we can match or replace it with the exact quality of the original. Our inventory and access to even the most exotic of gemstones is without limit. Full independent laboratory certification will be included where necessary.

Prong Re-tipping

If you have prong set gemstones, no matter large or small, it is imperative to have them inspected regularly. Missing, worn or weak prongs will allow the piece to “catch“ on everything, or worse, allow the precious gem to escape. A simple reinforcement of the prongs will protect you from a costly loss.