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Certified Diamonds Matter

At Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers, we understand the importance of certified diamonds. Our commitment to providing only certified diamonds ensures trust and peace of mind for our customers.

Choose the Perfect Diamond with Confidence

At Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers, we offer a range of diamond certifications, including GIA, AGS, and EGL. These certifications provide assurance of a diamond’s quality and authenticity, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase.

  • The surest guarantee of a quality diamond.
  • It is highly recommended to buy a diamond with an independent gradingreport or certificate.
  • Grading reports do not give a value like appraisals do. Instead an independent expert opinion is provided on the quality of loose or unset gems. Most grading institutes support worldwide labs or services and do not sell diamonds.
  • Each lab will grade diamonds slightly different. Samuel Kleinberg prefers GIA and AGS labs for certifying its diamonds.


Unaffiliated with any retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer, GIA provides impartial diamond analysis. GIA’s procedures are designed to achieve utmost accuracy. Each diamond is inspected by renowned diamond graders and gemologists. Reports detail an assessment of the 4Cs – colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. In addition, grading reports contain a hologram, security screen, and microprint lines, as well as bonus security features that exceed industry requirements.

GIA Certificate

AGS – American Gem Society Laboratories

The AGS Laboratories is the only diamond-grading laboratory backed by the industry’s premier consumer protection agency, the American Gem Society. As a preeminent authority in diamond grading, AGS Laboratories provides reports for diamonds of all sizes using a succinct 0 to 10 grading scale. Known for implementing the strictest requirements and highest standards, AGS Laboratories employs leading-edge research and technology.

AGS Certificate