Craftsmanship Standard

With over 125 combined years of practice and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the industry, we stand strongly behind our Craftsmanship Standard.

Structural Integrity

It all starts with an engineering approach in design. Just as important as the foundation is to a skyscraper, so are the tiny measurements of your rings shank, band, and claws. The symmetry and dimensions are critical in creating a structurally sound ring that will last.

It takes precision, experience, and the knowledge of multiple technological tools to master this process.

Just For You

Instead of using mass produced Casting Moulds, we create each ring from scratch. This ensures that your diamond, or multiple diamonds, fit your ring perfectly. This also means that your ring is unique to you. Your ring is a unique expression of your love and knowing that it was created just for you is an expression of that unique love.

Purity & Integrity

All gold that is not pure 24kt has been mixed with specific alloys to add strength and remain true to its beauty. After the initial creation of 10k, 14k and 18k gold, it is common to burn (melt) the gold with other scrap pieces of gold. Although this is useful in our industry, each time gold is burned it loses some of its integrity.

We only use fresh 14k or 18k gold, which has never been burned. This keeps the structural integrity and beauty of the gold. In fact, we use pure 24kt gold and create 14k and 18k gold to keep full control of the process.

Every element of your ring is an important symbol of your love. We take great measures to ensure the gold in your ring was mixed only for you.


Casting is the process of turning your wax model into a gold ring. Each step of the process is key to the integrity of the gold.

First, the casting material must be accurately mixed. Then all air bubbles must be expelled from the mixture to avoid porosity (holes) in the ring.

Once the material is bubble free, it is ready to enter an oven to be made into a cast. The proper temperature is vital to a quality cast.

Using centrifugal force, gold is then poured carefully into the cast mould. The gold must be the perfecttemperature to achieve optimal results.

9 Step Polishing

After the ring has been created, it first enters a tumbler machine. It is then meticulously taken through a 9 step polishing process that uncovers the beautiful shine of the gold. Too little or too much polishing pressure during each step can reduce the integrity of the ring.

Our team of jewelers, designers, setters, and polishers are in close communication regarding each and every ring. Every ring needs careful attention to achieve the highest shine possible.