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Uncover the Beauty of Carat Weight

Explore the significance of diamond carat weight and its impact on value. The size of your stone is perhaps the most well-known “C” in diamond buying terms. The bigger your stone is, the more expensive it will be—and big stones can add up quickly.

Understanding the Carat:
How Size Matters

Rare, refined and a reflection of your love.

Diamond weight is measured with more precision using metric carats, abbreviated “cts”. One metric carat is 1/5 of a gram, just over 0.007 of an ounce. Whereas 1oz. contains almost 142 carats.

4.4 MM .33 Carat
5.2 MM .50 Carat
6.5 MM 1.00 Carat
7.4 MM 1.50 Carat
8.2 MM 2.00 Carat
8.5 MM 2.50 Carat

Pricing diamonds per carat is how most wholesalers quote diamond prices. For example, one might say he has a 1.25-carat diamond for $3000.00 per carat. To find the total cost, multiply the per-carat price by the weight. In this case, $3000.00 X 1.25ct = $3750.00.

The degree of rarity in a diamond is reflected in its per-carat price.

The 4 Cs Of Diamonds


The quality of a round brilliant cut has to do with the way light enters and exits the stone. A well-cut diamond will reflect light more than any other type of shape (square, oval, pear and so on).

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The colour scale used for describing different types of diamonds goes from D through Z when referring specifically to white coloured stones (colourless), but actually ranges all colours from blueish…

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This refers to how many flaws or inclusions (i.e., tiny imperfections) are present in your diamond; the fewer the better. A flawless stone is considered ideal because it has no visible marks…

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