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Written bydigilabs
Published onJuly 05, 2018

July is bright, sunny, and sometimes red hot like its birthstone, Ruby.

rose gold and ruby bracelet

Ruby is a great way to give your jewellery wardrobe a pop of colour. The rich red can be used as your statement piece or as an accent for more subtle styles. And ruby is really versatile because of its strong colour – as a precious stone it’s easily worn as high end jewellery, but it can also be worn in everyday styles since it’s bright and fun. Rubies our my favourite gemstone. I wear a piece of Ruby jewellery everyday where it be a thin ruby eternity ring or a ruby bracelet. One because I love the colour and two because I wear it as my red bendel (protection).

Ruby is also a durable gemstone. On the Mohs hardness scale (1 is the softest, 10 is the hardest), ruby is a 9 which means it’s really difficult to scratch and break. This makes it a less high maintenance gem that you can wear all the time.

We can help you pick out or create the perfect ruby design to treat yourself, or a lucky July baby.

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