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In The Loupe January 2016

Written bydigilabs
Published onJanuary 05, 2016

Happy New Year from the Samuel Kleinberg team! #SKsparkle

diamond white gold heart ring

In this month’s issue…
• New year, new jewellery
• Garnet: January’s birthstone
• Get some jewellery tips from Jo!
•Test your jewellery knowledge!


New year, new jewellery!

quartz and diamond earrings

Check out these colourful gold, diamond, and semiprecious stone earrings!

black sting ray leather and diamonds

Or this bangle fashioned of 2.9 carats of diamonds set against stingray leather!

emerald cut diamond bracelet

Emerald cut bracelet 7.94 carats set in 18k white gold

Garnet: January’s birthstone
Garnets are renowned for their famous deep, purple-­red hue. Even the word garnet, after the pomegranate fruit, reflects our fascination with that highly evocative hue. Garnets actually come in almost every colour, with blue being the rarest. From the late Roman period, humans have adorned themselves with garnets and today, garnets offer a more moderately priced alternative to gems of similar colour, such as ruby.

garnet and gold ringsWe can custom order garnet pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets…

Come visit our showroom to check out some gorgeous garnet jewellery for that
January baby in your life, or allow Melissa to custom design something for you.

Jo knows
If it’s about jewellery, Jo has the answer! In this section, she’ll answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: “What can I do with my grandfather’s old cufflinks?”
A: It depends on the design! You can make them into a pair of earrings, or a pendant. Or even a ring.

Q: “What does “585” stamped on a piece of jewellery mean? Is it gold?
A: Yes, it is gold. 585 is the numerical equivalent of stamping an item with “14k”. 14 karat gold means you have fourteen parts of pure gold to ten parts of alloy to strengthen it – or 58.5% pure gold!

Q: “Why does my 14k white gold jewellery look yellowish and dull?”
A: 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold have the same amount of pure gold, but the refinery changes the alloy material (metal added to the gold to strengthen it) of white gold to make it white. However, the pure gold remaining in the piece can sometimes result in a slight yellow tint. We rhodium coat our white gold to add that extra touch of white and dazzling shine. Over time, the coating can naturally wear, and we can easily recoat it to restore that amazing white look – bring it in!

jo from Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers

Test your jewellery knowledge!

samuel kleinberg crossword jan 2016

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