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Fine Jewellery Store in Toronto

Since its establishment in 1968, Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers has been dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, growing into a prominent name in the industry and servicing clients globally.

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The Art of Exquisite
jewellery Creation

At Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers, we take pride in the meticulous process of creating each piece of jewellery. Our skilled artisans pay close attention to detail, using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. From the initial design to the final polish, every step is executed with precision and care, resulting in exquisite pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.


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Lab Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that have been grown in a lab instead of mined from the earth. The process of creating these gems is complex and involves high pressure and temperatures, but the finished product is beautiful, affordable, and ethical. Read on to learn more about lab-grown vs. natural diamonds—and how to make your choice from Samuel Kleinberg’s selection of lab-created diamonds.

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Engagement Rings

Seeking the perfect engagement ring? At Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers, we specialize in high-quality, custom-designed engagement rings. Known for exceptional customer service and expertise in Toronto, we offer a personalized experience to help you create a unique symbol of your commitment.

At Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers, we understand the importance of a diamond engagement ring as a symbol of love and commitment. We offer a custom design process, allowing you to create a unique ring with the guidance of our expert designers, ensuring your vision is brought to life.

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