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Aquamarine – March Birthstone

Written bydigilabs
Published onMarch 12, 2018



Aquamarine is March’s birthstone, which makes for some very lucky people born this month. This stone is gorgeous, and because the raw crystals are usually large, you can find larger gemstones for statement pieces. aquamarine and diamond ring

aquamarine eternity ring



Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral Beryl, and its name comes from the Latin words “aqua” and “marina” meaning sea water. This description is perfect for the blue, sometimes blue-green, colour. The colour is usually pretty light. Darker shades are available, but often cost more.

Whether you want light or dark, a well-cut, clear aquamarine is a beautiful thing. We can custom design jewellery using a variety of shapes and sizes to create stunning pieces that glisten like the sea.

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