Joe Epstein

The following was my quest for the “perfect” engagement ring.

When I first decided to buy an engagement ring, my first experience looking at rings made me realize that I knew absolutely nothing about what ring to buy, what to look for and even what my girlfriend wanted. After getting some coaching from my future mother in law, my cousin and doing some research on my own, I felt I was ready to really search for the “perfect” ring or so I thought. I was going to go to a family friend in NYC while I was down there for Christmas break but 24 inches of snow got in the way. That act of God led me to Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers and things couldn’t have worked out better!

I met with Lorne the first time and gave him an idea of what I was looking for. To say I felt a tad overwhelmed would be a major understatement. One of the (and there are many) qualities that I really respected in Lorne right off the bat is how easily he could visualize what I was explaining to him (no matter how warbled) and be able to show me what it is I wanted and I loved the fact that I never felt pressured into committing to anything I didn’t feel comfortable with.

After thinking I knew what I wanted in the ring, a couple of interventions by family with “latest updates” led to last minute revisions which at one time totally changed the look of the ring. Lorne showed an incredible amount of patience with me, worked everything into a tight budget and the end result was (borrowing a phrase from my future father in law) stunning.

My future bride (being a New Yorker, that episode of Seinfeld makes it tough on me to use the Fiancée word) absolutely loves the ring (she has emailed me in the middle of the day just to let me know she is looking at it and loves it). If this experience is any indication, the rest of our lives together should be pretty smooth sailing…

Lorne, thank you so much… You made me look like a total hero even though it was you who did all the heavy lifting!