Welcome to the official SK Jewellers Blog

I would like to welcome everyone to the official Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers blog. On here you will find news and info on diamonds and jewellery, the latest trends, images of new inventory, diamond education, design information and lots more.

With over 40 years of flourishing quality and brilliance in a brick and mortar store, located in Toronto, we now have a booming online presence. We started off with a website and soon after we created our facebook fanpage and we recently created a presence on twitter. It’s an exciting way to interact with our clients and jewellery lovers all over the globe.

Here’s a little bit of who we are & what we do:

DIAMONDS & DIAMOND EDUCATION- We are a team of industry experts who are very passionate about what we do.  Our specialty is diamond engagement rings and we shop the world to find your perfect diamond. We are very unique with our approach: we sit down and educate our customers on everything there is to know about diamonds and diamond certificates. Our process is unique as we are not selling you a diamond we have in stock, instead we go out in the market and purchase the exact diamond you want based on your criteria. We guide our customers through the process by educating them on what factors are important to attain a diamond with breath taking light performance. Our goal is to make the process easy and to give our customers the knowledge they need to make an informative buying decision. The engagement ring is a very special purchase and is the beginning of a really exciting time in their lives.

JEWELLERY- We  have a full showroom of classic and stylish  jewellery that we manufacture and as well source from around the world. We stay on top of the ever changing current trends and we are known for being a one stop shop for presents, jewellery repairs, appraisals etc.

CUSTOM DESIGN- We involve our clients in every step of the design process. It’s a very enjoyable and artistic experience for us and the client. By allowing the customer to be involved in the design process it ensures that they are going to be completely satisfied with the design we have created together.

We are very excited about our blog and we are looking forward to sharing our world of jewellery with you.

I invite you to interact with us and share your comments and questions.