Diamond Insight

What Makes Us Different

Samuel Kleinberg is a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic high profile jewellers. With direct access to over 300,000 diamonds from around the world we can manufacture extraordinary pieces for a fraction of the price. Our immense selection of loose diamonds enables us to accommodate our clients with extensive education sessions and more design choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade in old jewellery, towards the purchase of a new item?

Yes, you can. Jewellery to be traded will be valued prior to the purchase of the new piece.

How long does it take to have jewellery custom made?

The timeframe for completing custom jewellery varies depending on the specific requirement of each piece. An approximate time is always provided.

What is the importance of a GIA or AGS diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate assures the quality of a diamond and makes it almost impossible to falsify. The certificate or report addresses key characteristics of each diamond, including the 4Cs. No two diamonds are alike so each diamond requires its own certificate. It’s easy to verify that a certificate belongs to a particular diamond. The certificate offers a plotting of all the natural inclusions on the top and bottom of the diamond. Alternatively the girdle of the diamond will be laser inscribed with the ID number that corresponds to the certificate.

How long has your company been in business?

Samuel Kleinberg was established in 1968.

Does Samuel Kleinberg sell conflict diamonds?

No we do not. Samuel Kleinberg only deals with suppliers who conform to the Kimberley process.

How do I choose the perfect engagement ring for my girlfriend?

Find out her preferences for the following:

  • solitaire or multi-stone ring
  • simple or elaborate
  • white gold, yellow gold or platinum
  • shape of centre stone
  • diamonds on the side

Decide on the budget.

  • Don’t feel pressured by conventions that say you should spend 2 to 3 months worth of your salary or that it should be at least a 1 carat diamond. Set a budget you’ll be comfortable with and we’ll help you express what you want within your parameters.

Choose a Stone

  • When buying a diamond, pay attention to four things: clarity, colour, cut, and carat. Samuel Kleinberg prefers diamonds that are certified by GIA and AGS.
How do I find out the price of an engagement ring I saw on your web site?

Prices can vary for any ring you see on our website. Thanks to our unique manufacturing system we can accommodate any style to almost any budget. The good news is that depending on the choices you make, you can probably afford the ring you see and like. A Samuel Kleinberg consultant can walk you through the process and the options available to help you find a ring that suits your taste and your budget. Contact us to book an appointment.

Do you make Custom Name Necklaces and Initial Rings?

Yes we do. We can personalize pieces in various fonts and sizes.